FINNISH PLAYTIME - BUILDING TOYS AS WE DID BEFORE DESIGN- BY KLAUS AALTO & TERO KUITUNEN Finnish designer run a child-friendly workshop with building traditional bark boats in cozy Finnish atmosphere at KED. Finnish buns by designer Tero Kuitunen and some nostalgic Finnish music to company the workshop. Sunday 21 May, 4:00 - 8:00pm at KED Workshop Room, Karantina Participation fees: Free Register online on ihjoz
LET’S MEET AT THE BORDER: Exploring Prefab Solutions of Border Walls for Social Encounters by Paco Mejias & Tanzil Shafique The workshop proposes an exploration about the possibilities of the design for acting critically against politician's nonsense, specifically regarding borders. With this, we want to reclaim the designer's role as a real political agent, which means acting on behalf of public welfare and not as a mere tool of the capital and the political demagogy. The borders in human settlements have always been places for dynamic exchange and interaction, analogical to the way in which the different environments meet in nature through border zones of vivid ecosystems—as for example a rivershore. Using design as a tool for oblique resistance, we will assume the limitations imposed by the border system, retaining the control of people and goods exchange through the artificial separation, and yet subvert them in order for social interaction. The workshop will demonstrate that this condition doesn't mean the border as a deactivated zone but rather a new world of possibilities of architectural programs and aesthetic emotions. Further than merely the material exchange, architecture has been traditionally based also in framing the condition for invoking the social interaction through the mutual exchange of services, information and emotions. We will use this power for converting the border wall into a social interface and an aesthetic hub. The border represents the boundary condition of design's possibility for further exploration. What could be this border that brings people together and not separate them? To explore, let's meet there. Monday 22 May, 6:00 - 8:00pm at KED Workshop Room, Karantina Participation fees: Free Register online on ihjoz
EMOTIONAL DESIGN THROUGH A HOLISTIC, CREATIVE APPROACH by Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director of MARCEL WANDERS After a short presentation of the work at Marcel Wanders studio, we will learn about Alessi’s culture, technology and approach to design. We will then analyze as case study the latest collection from our studio, the Alessi circus, in order to introduce the theme Emotional design. Adding an emotional layer to design, creating objects which elevate themselves beyond pure functionality; Usability needs to be the foundation of each project, but we believe today projects needs to embed messages and stories that can reach the mind, soul and hearth of people. Connecting to a higher reflective level of cognition allows the items to interact and connect deeply with people, exploring and triggering each one’s memories, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. Furthermore the design process today is much more complex and the spectrum of activities much wider. It is essential today to embrace the project at 360 degrees including photography, graphics, advertisements, videos, texts and storytelling in order to better communicate the concept and story behind each project. The last part of the workshop will be dedicated to invite participants, through any mean of expression (3d, sketch, texts, graphic…) to use their cultural background and experience to create a story and concept design with a high emotional impact, related to a Alessi or any other design driven company.
Monday 22 May, 5:00 - 8:00 pm
at KED Workshop Room, Karantina

Participation fees: Free


DIY CITY: A Pattern Language for BEIRUT's Streets by Grace Aaraj / ARCHIBUILD

If cities spoke, what would our streets tell you? What would you do if you could design Beirut's streets yourself?
Based on Christopher Alexander's approach of "A Pattern Language," participants will engage in an interactive workshop to observe and produce "timeless patterns" that make up Beirut's architecture, urban life, and community livability. We will learn to read the city's streets using observation, bite-size truths and personal experiences. 

This workshop is part of a two-year series taking place in different Arab capitals.

Beirut's workshop will focus on streets from the viewpoint of an engaged pedestrian and residents. We welcome drivers, public transportation commuters, bikers, pedestrians, and residents of the city to join us. It is open to students, researchers, and professionals and anyone who is in a love-hate relationship with urban life and the streets of Beirut.

Wednesday 24 May, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

at KED Workshop Room, Karantina

Participation fees: Free




A two day design hackathon explores the crucial role of designers in shaping social ventures in their early stages and getting things OFF THE GROUND. Participants are local and international designers & creatives from all disciplines and backgrounds who care about social impact and beautiful, awesome things working really well. The goal is to to prove that design thinking can provide the solution for complex, human centric problems. Results of the hackathon will be presented in a public showcase followed by an after party on Thursday evening.

Register here and join!

Wednesday May 24th at 11am to  Thursday May 25th at 6pm

May Ziadeh St, Antwork Building



Exploring Hilmi al-Tuni and other Arab illustrators and designers, this workshop revives the tradition of customized lettering by developing hand lettering techniques. Each participant chooses a cover of a children's book, and redraws its title inspired by the story and illustrations.

Thursday May 25, 10:00 - 05:00 pm
Nassif el Yaziji Street, Beirut Digital District

Workshop Fees: 20$

Register online on ihjoz